Driving in Iceland

Due to the unique terrain of Iceland, we have some suggestions and insight to take into consideration before you depart.



Some common dangers on Iceland roads are:
  • Gravel roads
  • Blind hills
  • Blind curves
  • Single-lane bridges
  • Livestock

Accidents can easily occur on rural roads where a paved road changes abruptly to gravel. Due to the sudden terrain change, drivers often do not reduce speed before reaching the gravel, causing them to lose control of their vehicle. Loose gravel is also commonly found on road shoulders and has been known to cause a great number of accidents.

Gravel roads are often narrow and require caution when approaching another car coming in the opposite direction. To ensure safety, move as far to the right as possible.

Single-lane blind hills can be very dangerous and also require caution. Additionally, Iceland has a number of blind curves that will require driving skill to insure safety.

The Ring Road has a high number of single-lane bridges. While the car closer to the bridge has the right-of-way, it is important to assess the situation before proceeding. Confirm that the approaching car is stopping before crossing the bridge yourself.

In Iceland, it is common to see livestock on or alongside the road. While sheep are the most commonly found animals, sometimes horses or cows will also block the road. Livestock on roadways is common all over the country and can be very dangerous. Sometimes a sheep can be on one side of the road, separated from her lambs on the other. In this circumstance, be prepared for the lambs or the sheep to cross the road to the other side.


112 Iceland App

The 112 Iceland app can help ensure your safety while travelling through Iceland. It provides the ability to call for help by pressing a red emergency button, which will send your location to the 112 response center. Even if your phone is not showing a signal, it may still allow you to send a text message. The green button in the app is for you to leave your location with us in case you get lost. Only the 5 most recent locations are stored. This function is highly recommend to increase your safety.
The app is available for Android, Windows, and iPhone.